Strudel in a nutshell

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Your Advantages


Stand out from the competition with a unique concept.

Dating - revolutionized

Strudel only works with checked-in users. Human, fair, direct – in your location.


We support you in the planning and execution of your strudel party.

Benefit from our experience

We support you with our experience, staff and marketing material so that your strudel party becomes a huge success.

Advertising on Strudel

We are constantly making advertising for you - in the app and online.

Strong partners

Take advantage of our advertising. Your location is highlighted in the app and online.

No Cost

We would like to establish strudel at your location. Completely free!

We are looking for partners

There are no disadvantages for you. You can try Strudel completely without risk.


No infrastructure is required. Studel can be used anywhere.

Can be used everywhere

The system only works only with the app – it does not need any more. It’s that simple.


We have big screen tools for your location to project which will make dating a game.

Make Dating a Game

Info, instructions, ranking lists, real-time match display, score points, contests etc. freely configurable by you for projecting.

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