Strudel in a nutshell

All details regarding Strudel Coins and our ICO will be published here soon. Stay tuned!

Become a Strudel Partner

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right from the beginning


Stand out from the competition with a unique concept.

Wall on the Wall:

Project the wall of your location and your guests experience a new “here and now” dimension.

Partner Cockpit

Complete your app appearance and get statisitics regarding your location.

Strudel Coins and more

Earn strudel coins as soon as your location is registered in the cockpit.
Project your location wall with one click from the cockpit.
More exciting features to come!

Advertising on Strudel

Complete your projected wall with your own advertising and info.

Location List

Promote your location, special offers and events in the app using the Strudel Coin.

No Cost

We would like to establish strudel at your location. Completely free!

We are looking for partners

There are no disadvantages for you. You can try Strudel completely without risk.


No infrastructure is required. Studel can be used anywhere.

Can be used everywhere

The system only works with the app – it does not need more. It’s that simple. Obviously, a projector or TV is required for the projection.

Strudel Coin / Gamification

Each user collects Strudel Coins for his / her activities which can be used for big screen games, promotions, discount systems etc. in your location.

Additional attraction of your location

When you register your location will also get Strudel Coins for the activities of your guests. In order to make your location more attractive, you will have the possibility to grant additional Strudel Coins to your guests.

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